Gojo Machiya
Inside the Gojo Machiya

All the comforts of home, in a traditional Kyomachiya, in the middle of Kyoto city.

Please read the Considerations below to help you determine if staying at a machiya, in a traditional machiya neighborhood is right for you and your family....

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Before taking your booking, we want to make sure that our Machiya is right for you:

* The machiya lifestyle is most certainly a close-up view of Japan, as it really is, and was. This lifestyle also comes with responsibility, which also happens to be a cornerstone of Japanese culture.

* Our machiya is located in a very private and small alleyway (typical of traditional machiya alleyways), and we ask all our guests to be quiet and cordial when walking through the alley and to respect our neighbors privacy and property. Families live in close proxmity in a machiya neighborhood and will be very conscious of noise in the evening hours (after 9PM). Your neighbors will take great care to avoid disturbances in the evening and we request that you extend the same courtesy to them. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy a quiet evening. This is not a place for loud parties.

* We ask that children remain under adult supervision at all times. This both for the safety of your children and out of respect for the neighborhood property. Japanese households frequently keep belongings outdoors and it may be unclear to children that some things (plants, decorative items, etc) actually belong to someone who cares a great deal about these things.

We have had some, though honestly very few, problems with the guests who didn't fully understand the difference between a holiday rental house and a hotel, nor appreciate the unique nature of a machiya and its neighborhood surroundings. The above points are what makes the machiya lifestyle unique and special, and well worth preserving. In order to maintain a peaceful relationship with our neighbors, we have to make sure this is understood by all our guests.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please check our calendar to make a booking with us.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know. You can reach us with any questions on our Inquiry Page

We look forward to your stay with us.